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About the copywriter you’ll love

“Carlos” stands for “free man” in Spanish. That may sound somewhat off the beat in terms of copywriting, but that is what the name really is. (google doesn’t sound cool either. Ahem!).

I loved creating websites and small software in my teenage years, and I am a Software Engineer by education(although I never jumped on the 9 to 5 bandwagon). I pursued my own passion and affection towards writing. The art that fantasizes and enchants me since I was a kid.

My engineering background makes it impeccable and ardent with research and fact finding (especially with SaaS and Digital Marketing), which helps me to write precisely about any topic in this world. Additionally, I still create websites and other digital stuff on my own due to my background.

Now, talking about my work. I’ve been into the copy writing industry for nine years now. Something I am really proud of is that I have a client retention rate of almost 60%, and an average engagement lifetime of four years on average.

In layman terms, six out of ten of my clients end up working with me for about four years on average.

Does that seem less?

It may seem less to people who know the shallow waters of business. However, for people who know real business would understand that retaining customers and maintaining a long term relationship is the base.

As a responsible copywriter, I have only mentioned services with which I have experience and proven results. I’m an expert at them and so they have found a place on the services section.

The testimonials section strengthens the fact that my clients have always received what they wanted.

Ranging from huge business corporations to small startups, my clientele includes businesses of every size and budget. The portfolio mentioned on the website is merely a glimpse of my extensive work experience.

I’ve had clients in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Italy, and Turkey. Which makes me educated and aware about the grammar, work culture and ethics of different places.

I am quite selective at choosing my clients. This might sound a little different and weird, but I only like to work with ‘friendly people’. People who understand that ‘9 women cannot deliver a baby in a month’ and ‘oranges cannot grow on an apple tree’.

To learn more about me and my services, you can always use the contact form, or just push the button below. After all, communication and conversation are the first steps of a long lasting relationship. 🙂

P.S: I often use the term ‘us’ on this website, because I have an ad-hoc team helping me with bigger projects.

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