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“Carlos” stands for “manly” in Spanish. That sounds somewhat off the beat, in terms of copy writing. But that is what the name really is. (google doesn’t sound cool either. Ahem!)

Now, talking about our work. We’ve been into the copy writing industry for five years now. The total number of our mainstream clients is 37 out of which 9 are still working with us.

Does that seem less?

Yes, it might seem less to people who know the shallow waters of business. For people who know real business would understand that retaining customers and maintaining a long term relationship is the base.

As a responsible copywriting firm, we have only mentioned services in which we have experience and proven results. We are experts at doing them and so they have found a place on our services section.

The testimonials sections gives strengthens the fact that our clients have always received what they wanted.

Ranging from huge business corporations to small startups, our clientele includes businesses of every size and budget. The portfolio mentioned on the website is merely a glimpse of our extensive work experience.

We are quite selective at choosing our clients. This might sound a little different and weird, but we only like to work with friendly people. People who understand that ‘9 women cannot deliver a baby in one month’ and ‘oranges cannot grow on a mango tree’.

To learn more about us and our services, you can always use the contact form. After all, communication and conversation are the first steps of a relationship.


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