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Who are you and how do I know that you are a real person?

Your skepticism is right. We need to build credibility before we start with any project. To know who I am, you can always view my About page. To have more credibility, you can view my Linkedin profile, and you can use my contact form so we may arrange a call/chat later.

Hmm. Sounds Good. What do you charge for your copywriting services?

This depends entirely upon the niche/industry and the scope of work. For example, content about general topics (travel, home, DIY, etc.) is easy to research, but complex topics can take a lot of effort and resources. My rates start at $0.15 per word and can vary based on the deliverables.

Do you have samples and testimonials to back up your experience claims?

Yes. I do have them. You can view my portfolio page to view my work samples and testimonials. Some of my projects have not been showcased on the website because they are protected by an NDA(Non-disclosure agreement).

What extra benefit can you offer, that your competitors don’t?

Once you send in an inquiry, I will study your requirements and tell you about what extra I can offer. You can always be sure that you are going to get something extra here. This may include free images, strategy advice, the uploading of content to your CMS (WordPress, Shopify, etc.), or something similar.

Duh..the prices. I can get an article for $2 online.

Yes, you can. Junk is always cheap. It may feel like a possession but it is of no use. Remember, you are hiring a PROFESSIONAL. Who would get you results, sales and money?

Okay, I understand the difference. What about the payments?

I accept payments through PayPal. You can pay via debit/credit card through a PayPal link I’ll send you. In special cases, I can take payments through an escrow service if the budget of the project is above $3000. I require a 20% payment upfront.

That’s mean. What if you take 50% money and run away?

What if I don’t take the upfront payment, do your work and you run away? The risk is for both parties. It’s all about trust and professionalism. If you are still skeptical about the payments, I have a solution for that as well. However, the escrow would cost you 3% more on your project.

Are you a native or non-native English speaker?

I am not a born English speaker. But, if I wasn’t proficient in English, I would not have been hired by so many clients. I’ve been working as a copywriter for nine years now. Due to my succinct English skills, my clients rarely ask me for revision or proofreading. I completed my education in English. Moreover, I can write both UK and US English with proficiency. You will have the option of choosing your preferred grammar before starting a project. Additionally, I have native speakers on my team as well, in case you need any slang-filled content.

Quality craftsmanship always comes at a fair price – no matter what country they’re from.

But we live in different parts of the world. Is the time zone a problem?

Not at all. Time zone is not a problem. I’ll always be available through mediums like WhatsApp, slack, email, or a call. Although, we may get a better idea of this once you contact me.

Do you guarantee results?

If it lies in the scope of copywriting, yes. I guarantee what I promise. Once you contact me and we enter into a conversation, I’ll tell you about the results can I yield. Those will be guaranteed. Generally speaking, copywriting yields results but not in a very specific manner. Apart from content, design is also an important part of your website.

Who will own the content upon completion of the project?

Once the payment has been settled in full, you will own all the legal and formal rights of the content. I will just use the link to your completed project as a portfolio item on my website.

When can we Commence with the project?

As soon as we agree upon the deliverables you send in the initial deposit.

What industries do you write for?

I have written for various industries and my content is backed up by research and my skills. I can write for any niche unless it is legal, ethical as is not a bogus scam offer. Although, I am a specialist in the outdoors, survival, weapons, nature, healthcare, e-commerce, ERP, and promotional products.

How quickly can you deliver the project?

It depends on how extensive your project is. You will get a delivery estimate for your project once you tell me about it.

Do you work on weekends?

Quite often. It’s work that matters to me, not the day. If you have any queries, you can always contact me.

What if I don’t like to copy or need some changes?

Although that can happen initially, it is rare. Your suggestions are always welcome but there are certain elements which are psychological rather than creative in a copy. You can notify me about any changes/revisions and I’ll do it. Telling you about the consequence(if any) in advance. I offer unlimited revisions within one month of the commencement of a project.

Can I see the progress of my project?

Yes, you can. I’ll keep you posted about your project. This is an essential part of my service because this way I can get regular feedback and maintain the right direction. If you are familiar with tools like Slack, Monday, Trello, and the G Suite, it is definitely a plus.

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