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Copy Writing Portfolio

“Ankit is a diligent and hard working content writer who is able to write not only perfect English but also content that is clever, creative and engaging. Thanks for all the outstanding writing you have done for us. I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone needing engaging sales copy or website content..”

— Chris Trembath, Dynamic Gift Global

Product Description Samples – Dynamic Gift, Australia.

The company wanted to get creative product descriptions for some of its products and copywritingmajor categories. The website sells corporate promotional products. This was the second job of my copy writing career. The project manager, Chris, is an amazing person. We are still friends even after such a long time. The project was to write 150 product descriptions which I completed within a couple of weeks. You can find out in the testimonials, what Chris had to say about my work.

Link: – Dynamic Gift, New Zealand.

Another project from dynamicgift pty. ltd. as a result of the quality of my deliverables. They copywritingchoose to hire me again for their New Zealand based website. All the content was in UK English, and I completed the job fairly well. The quality of my work resulted in the company hiring me to write product descriptions for their 3 other websites.

Link: – Dynamic Gift, Global.

Well, this project was a bit different from the previous ones. The company wanted copywritingproduct descriptions for their generic .com website. The website needed to have product descriptions written in US English. This gave me a chance to present my bilingual skills of writing in both UK and US English.

Link: – Dynamic Gift, Canada.

A challenging task as I had to completely reorient my writing style from UK to US copywritingEnglish. I only had to be more careful while writing the product descriptions as I am quite adhered to writing UK English. Eventually, after some extra hours of proof reading, I ended up perfectly with the project. Marking the deadline.

Link: – Lanyards USA LLC.

The website sells lanyards and I got a chance to write product description for them. The lanyardsusacompany wanted to improve the traffic and conversions on its website. Writing the product descriptions was quite challenging as the products only differed in colour and attachments, sometimes. Although, after some research and brainstorming, I was able to deliver high quality work within the specified turn around time.

Link: – Sketch Bubble.

This was a project I landed onto through a web development agency. They hired me for product description samplewriting product descriptions for this website selling PowerPoint templates. The projects was based entirely on writing descriptions for digital deliverables. The project ended nicely with a nice review from the client.

Link: – VST Lighting.

The first B2B company I came in contact with. The company sells LED lights directly to vst clientindustries and large scale sellers. The challenging part of writing product descriptions for the website was to make sure that they were targeted towards whole sellers and businesses. I wrote SEO product descriptions for all the products on their website. Chow was quite impressed and decided to leave a nice review for me.

Link: – CS Gaming Chairs.

One of the most challenging projects I ever worked upon. Brian hired me to write product product description samplesdescriptions for 190 products on his website. The most daunting part of the project was that most of the products were just the same. They only differed in colour combination. But Brian wanted the descriptions to be unique, or else his site would have been penalized by google. This led me to brainstorm unique descriptions for all the products on his website.

Link: – 3E EOS Corporation.

A website selling scopes for rifles. The company is based in Turkey, and the owner, samplecontacted me to write product descriptions for some of the products on his website. The company is a large seller of tactical and weapon related equipment. Even to the Turkish Army. The company’s website is now embellished with my product descriptions, and is sure to be raking in prospects and sales.

Link: – Promotional Products 2 U.

A website selling promotional products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast Promo 2Uarea in Australia. The company wanted to improve its traffic and revenue through its online store. I created 300 product descriptions for the company in the first stage of the project, only to yield amazing results for the owner.

Link: – The Weekend Store

A website selling gifts and cool novelty items across Australia. The owner wanted to get some enticing product descriptions for the store to improve SEO and sales. I created descriptions for all the products in The Weekend Store and helped the owner improve his sales and revenue.

Link: – Chackra Vedic Products

Chackra is a company which sells vedic products manufactured by using centuries old Indian methods and traditions. The company manufactures Ghee, vedic organic fertilizers, incense sticks and much more. The owner wanted some amazing product descriptions for the product line, which would connect the users with nature and traditions. Writing descriptions for this company was a pleasant task because I learned a lot about ancient rituals and their scientific benefits. The descriptions are now rolling in sales from all around the globe.

Link: – Vertical Garden Direct

It is a landscaping and artifical home decoration company based in Australia. The company has been founded by Architect Daniel Haeyen and sells artificial grass, vertical gardens, foilage and similar gardening supplies. The site required product descriptions to spruce up its inventory and improve its online search rankings. The project lasted for a couple of months.

Link: – Kids Car Sales

Kids Car Sales is a company selling kids cars, bikes, scooters and other ride on’s. The client wanted to add products to their site. I created the product descriptions and uploaded them to their shopify CRM. While another team member took care of the images. The project was quite challenging because I had never written content for a kids’ brand. However, with the hospitable support of their staff, the project ran pretty smoothly.

Link: – Ramp Champ Australia

This company houses the largest range of ramps in Australia. Their products range from mobility ramps to automotive parts and heavy machinery equipment. Their website is exceptionally extensive, and the inventory is huge. I am their content writer and help them with uploading new products and their descriptions into their CRM. The project is both challenging and fun, because I get to learn new things almost every day.


Website Content Copy Writing Samples – Intense Interactive

Intense Interactive(intint) is a digital marketing and web development agency based in Intense InteractNew Delhi, India. The company wanted succinct and enticing copy for its website to attract more traffic and hence conversions. Kishore, asked me to write the content for his company’s website. I wrote all the pages on the website. This includes, the about page, services and category pages, and even the terms and policy documents. This was a challenging project as I had to maintain creativity meanwhile keeping the copy sales oriented.


. – The Gun Safe Company.gun safe company

A website dedicated to gun safes. The website has detailed reviews about gun safes and statistics about guns and gun related facts. As a matter of fact, the blog of the website is also written and updated by me on a regular basis. The website is constantly growing and has attracted a large reader base in just a couple of years.


. –  Global Jobs NetworkGlobal Jobs Network

A corporate website featuring its syndicate of 5 other children websites. The website features its job portals designed for different sectors including healthcare, IT, media, food and general jobs. I created all the content for this corporate website to help the company showcase its services.


. – Star Promotional Products, Australia

A promotional products company based in Australia wanted content for its web pages for improved SEO and user experience. I created content for the pages of this website and helped the company improve the traffic to their website.


 . – HashMicro ERP Solutions, Singapore.

HashMicro is an ERP solutions company based in Singapore. The company has an extensive website, and wanted to get some enticing content, especially for its product pages. I created content for the products and service pages of the website. The client was very happy with what I delivered. This was one of the best website content copywriting projects I ever pursued. Later I also created several landing pages for their website.


. – Aryan Design LLP

Aryan Design LLP is an interior decoration and architectural renovation firm based in New Delhi, India. The owner of the company, who is himself an architect wanted to condense his 12 years of professional expertise into an enticing and storytelling website copy. The job wasn’t easy because I had to condense all his expertise, thinking, work culture and personal details into one website. However, I got through and delivered a ravishing piece of copy, just like his interior designs.

Link: http://www,

. – Branding Bhai LLPwebsite content copywriting

Well, as the name suggests. Branding Bhai LLP is a brand development, marketing and advertising firm based in New Delhi, India. The company specializes in both online and offline branding methods as well as the development of promotional products. The company wanted to have a succinct and memorable website to entice and educate its prospects. I created the entire content for their website to help them step up their advertising efforts. My content gave them more exposure and a better website to promote over a wider advertising channel.


. – Neuronimbus Software Solutions LLC

Neuronimbus Software Solutions LLC specializes in Digital Asset Development and NeuronimbusDigital Marketing Services. The company offers a wide range of services ranging from web development and mobile applications to video marketing and app store optimization. The company has been operational since 2003 in the industry and wanted to revamp its website for better online visibility and productivity. I got in touch with the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of the company to devise an effective plan for the rejuvenation of their content. The task was tedious but interesting at the same time. Since the time frame was quite steep, I wrote the entire website content with a fortnight(14 days). Check out the CMO’s testimonial on the home page.


. – Personal Bio Website

This website is the biography and meant to be an online profile of one my best client and friend Mr. Kishore Beniwal. Kishore had been in terms with me from quite some time. After working on numerous projects, he wanted to setup a website to be used as his bio. We worked to-and-fro several times to come up with an amazing website for him. He’s an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philantrhopist and a businessman. It took me quite some time to weave his story into content. But finally he loves it to the extent that he uses it for connections, more than his phone number.


. – Digi Vigyan Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Digivigyan is a digital marketing agency, incepted in 2018 by founder Amit Verma. The company helps people build their brand presence and improve SEO. So, a company which creates brands for other clients, hired me for building and branding their own website. It was a really great work opportunity and I learned a lot of new things and tactics from Amit. We are still in touch, and plan on being so for many years to come.


. – Carlos Writer.Freelance Copywriter

The website you are looking at. Although I own this website, but this is also an example of my copy writing skills. The website was  created and embellished  with content within three days. You can browse through the website to view my copy writing skills and the services I offer. The site will give you an exact reflection of what I can build from scratch. As a matter of fact, the website was created by me using wordpress and filled with images and content. All the CTA have also been designed by me. Not boasting, but just giving you an idea of my capabilities!


Blog/Article Writing


GunMann – Detailed Reviews & Guides on Firearms & Accessories

Gunmann is a website promoting rifle accessories to gun enthusiasts. I am a regular research writer for their website and it has earned me a lot of knowledge about rifles and weaponry. The website updates its blog on a weekly frequency. I’ve been writing for their blog for quite a long time and, no doubt – my content has helped them grab more visitors and sales.



Food Safety Mantra – Food Regulations News

It is an education blog which updates on a weekly basis. The blog talks about food safety regulations, laws and other awareness arising topics which are helpful for the general public and other food business operators who want to stay constantly updated about their industry. Writing this blog has alowed  me to learn a lot about the various aspects and secrets of the food we eat daily. This also makes me capable of handling similar projects related to food safety and nutrition.



Cliniexperts Pvt. Ltd. – Medical Device Licensing

Cliniexperts is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company which helps big corporates attain medical device and medicine licenses and registrations from appropriate authorities. The company operates from New Delhi, India and has a second office in Singapore. Writing for them requires me to conduct extensive research on both industrial and legal factors to come up with the right content. I currently write weekly blogs for their website. We are still into a growing partnership, and plan to be together for years to come.



Neuronimbus Software Solutions LLC – Marketing and SaaS Solutions

After creating content for their website, the company was quite impressed with myNeuronimbus work and offered me a chance to write blogs for their business. Which I gladly accepted. The company specializes in digital assets development and digital asset marketing, so eventually the blog posts are in the same vertical. My background and experience in the Software and web development industry allowed me to create engaging and enticing blog posts for their business. Needless to say, it has earned them a wide audience base. Below is a blog post from the many I wrote for them.



The Gun Safe Company – Firearms and Accessory Reviews

gun safe company

The Gun Safe Company provides detailed reviews of gun safes and other shooting related equipment on its website. The blog of the website is regularly written and updated by me. The company has been regularly updating its blog for the past two years with main focus upon product reviews and articles. The website generates most of its income through Amazon Associate Program and has reaped excessive profits with the help of my blogs.



AAJ Enterprises Blog – 3PL Warehousing Company

AAJ Enterprises is a third party logistics company headquartered in New Delhi and involved in the e-commerce warehousing business. It is a huge organization which handles millions of packages per year. I was asked to write regular blog articles for this company to uplift their marketing and promotional efforts.



Oxemberg O-Zone – Indian Apparel Giant

For those who don’t know, Oxemberg is a child company of the famous and renowned Indian textile corporation, Siyarams. I was presented with an opportunity to write an article for their lucrative and new O-Zone blog section. The article was related to International Men’s Day 2019. I researched and came up with some tips for men to celebrate the event for a fruitful output and do justice with its cause.

Link: Article on International Men’s Day 2019


Ezine Articles – How to write Product Descriptions that Convert.

This is an article published by me on the Ezine articles platform. It is an episode from the series of articles which I publish regularly here on my blog. The article has amassed quite a few views on ezine, and has helped my grow my audience base over facebook. One thing which I learned after getting this article published was that – They’re really hard at approving articles. 🙂

Link: Writing Descriptions that Convert.

Academic Courses Writing

  1. Bachelor of Accounting(12 Lectures)-  Principles of Accounting- Australian Institute of Business and Technology, Australia.
  2. Bachelor of Accounting(12 Lectures)- Accounting and Bookkeeping- Pacific Institute of Higher Education, Australia.
  3. Bachelor of Accounting(12 Lectures)- Introduction of Accounting- SRBM Institute, Australia.
  4. Bachelor of Business(12 Lectures)- Business Finance- Australian Institute of Business and Technology, Australia.
  5. Masters of Technology(12 Lectures)- Database Management System- SRBM College, Australia.
  6. Training Module(12 Lectures)- E-commerce Systems- SIA Skills Management Centre, Australia.
  7. Bachelor of Business(12 Lectures)- Introduction to Marketing- Barclays College, Australia.
  8. Management Course(12 Lectures)- Management Principles- SSBT, Australia.
  9. Bachelor of Business(12 Lectures)- Macroeconomics- Royal Gurkha Institute of Technology, Australia.
  10. Learning Modules(12 Lectures)- Leadership, Communication and Ethics- Queensland International Institute, Australia.
  11. Bachelor of Technology(12 Lectures)- Computer Network Administration- Australian Technical and Management College, Australia.
  12. Bachelor of Business(12 Lectures)- Strategic Management- Royal Gurkha Institute, Australia.
  13. Introduction to Arduino(9 Lectures). Auston Institute of Management Pte Ltd. Singapore.

The presentations can be shown to you upon request. I can’t put them up here because it is educational content meant for specific courses and colleges.

For more writing samples relevant to your requirements, please drop me a line through the contact form. The links mentioned above are entirely my work so I have the right to showcase them, except for a few items covered under NDA. Thank you.

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