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Product Description Copywriting Rates

The Product Description Copy Writing rates vary according to the complexity and word count.

You can order descriptions from any vertical. It may be:

  • Product description for jewelry.
  • Product description for shoes.
  • Product description for watches
  • Product description for sunglasses.
  • Product description for t shirts.
  • Product description for food.
  • Product description for clothes.
  • Product description for bags and handbags.
  • Product descriptions for probably anything you can think of.


Standard Product Description

  • Standard Product description(75-100 words): USD 3 per description.
  • Standard Product description(150-250 words): USD 12 per description.
  • Standard Product description(250-400 words): USD 20 per description.

Premium Product Description [SEO + CTA oriented]

  • Premium Product description(75-100 words): USD 5 per description.
  • Premium Product description(150-250 words): USD 15 per description.
  • Premium Product description(250-400 words): USD 30 per description.

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