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Terms and Conditions provides services to its clients which are pursuant to the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. In no case shall these terms and conditions be violated by either of the concerned parties. This document emphasizes and clears all aspects which are required to attain a mutual understanding before entering a contract.

1) Scope

1.1)This document covers the term and conditions which apply to all the services provided by Ankit Kumar through the website or any other business or source owned by Ankit Kumar.

1.2) provides content related services to its client within the scope of the contract agreed prior to commencement of a project.


2.1) The client grants all rights to manipulate, test and redesign the content which have been marked to be worked upon by the client before final delivery.

2.2) The client keeps all rights associated with the content after delivery. The clients content once paid for, will never the reused by through any means may it be digital or a hard-copy if the client has signed a non-disclosure-agreement.

2.3) and its owner retains all rights not expressly granted to you in this terms and condition agreement.

2.4) Upon the completion and final payment of a project, all the rights related to the content will be transferred to the respective client.

3.1) All services provided by are subject to a fees which will be decided by us and agreed upon by both the parties prior to the commencement of the project.

3.2) All projects to be pursued by us are subject to an advance fees which has to be paid before commencement of the project.

3.3) If the client requests, a suitable payment schedule can  be formulated in consent with both parties.

3.4) For scheduled payments, work would immediately be halted if the client fails to pay an installment on time.

3.5)All payments shall be made by channels(credit card/ net banking/ wire transfer etc.,) specified by

3.6) In no case shall a payment be refunded for hours and effort already spent on a project.


4.1) will mention the terms of revisions and edits in advance to the clients. These terms will be agreed mutually by the client and the company before commencement of a project.

5.1) This terms and conditions policy will come in to effect as soon as a prospect contacts us. Partial parts of this agreement will automatically be suspended upon the completion of the project. On the contrary, this agreement can be suspended by either party through mutual discussion.

5.2)The agreement will be considered valid if any residual payments are to be made in favor of


6.1) All the disputed will be subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction of the Indian judicial system.


7.1) Our company does not provide any guarantee for the rates of conversions or any outputs to be received by your after using our services.

7.2) The values and percentages mentioned on the website are for promotional purposes. They have been calculated based upon an estimate which may differ for different sources.

7.2) The revisions and proofreading terms will be the final verdict of and the client is bound to adhere with it.

8.1)Rights to all content created by intense interactive will be transferred to the client upon prompt and full payment. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain copyrights relevant to the design received by them.


8.2) The content created by for any client shall be used for representative purposes on our website. It will not be used or reproduced for any commercial purposes without prior permission from the client.

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