Product Description and SEO- Improve your e-commerce traffic.


What is the relation between a product description and SEO?Product Description and SEO

This question has baffled a lot of e-commerce entrepreneurs who are struggling with their stores to sell their first product.

Setting up an e-commerce store is very easy these days. With services like shopify, setting up an e-commerce store is just a matter of minutes.

But, setting up an e-store is not the difficult part. The difficult part is getting sales out of it. I have seen a lot of newbie entrepreneurs throwing their frustration over Facebook, reddit and other forums out there, about how they can’t make a sale.

A sale can only be made when you have traffic to your website. A conversion rate of 2-4% is considered optimal for a website. That means two people out of hundred visitors buy from your website.

The most basic and free method of driving traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization. That is, using terms(keywords) in your website which people search on the internet.

For example, if a person types ‘best gaming chair in the market’ in google your website needs to have that keywords or any combination of that keyword in your website.

Google ranks websites based upon the relevance of their content. The more relevant content a website has, the higher it ranks in search engines.

So, how can product description help you with the SEO of your website.

Sounds weird but a 200 word product description can not only help you with your SEO but also with improving your sales.


A product description is a combination of creative copy writing and optimization strategies. It educates and entices your visitors about the product. Luring them emotionally or psychologically towards your product.

Meanwhile, the keywords used in your product description tell the search engines about your product’s page and what your product is.

This way, search engines understand what a page is all about and improve the ranking of pages with succinct product descriptions.

Not only your visitors are enticed by your product descriptions. but the overall ranking of your website also improves.

I’m not saying that product descriptions are the only elements important for ranking your e-commerce website in search engines. But, they are among the most primitive and important ranking factors for your e-commerce store.

A Product description and SEO are closely related and can mean the difference between the failure and success of your e-commerce store.

Consider hiring an expert product description copywriter to write SEO oriented and creative descriptions for products in your store.

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