My name is Ankit Kumar and I have been a  freelance copywriter  for more than 5 years now. It all started out as a hobby, or to be very precise- to make some money online.

While I was pursuing my Engineering degree in Computer Science, I decided to help myself by earning some money. In 2010, making money online was quite a glittering topic, and I loved the concept.

Even though I researched about everything from affiliate marketing websites to selling stock photos( an engineering student is really good at research, believe me!), I still wondered about how to make money.

Freelance Copywriter

Then one day I came across  E-Lance(now Upwork). To this day, I give the credit of my success to E-Lance. This changed my life forever. Being a naturally decent writer, I decided to get a job and see if I could make some money.

After 20 or so amateur proposals, I landed at a job. A real “project”. But I was still skeptical If I could make money online.

As I said that I had researched a lot about making money online, so I had come across a lot of scams too. With some doubt, I decided to saddle up the ladder. I had to give it a shot. It was now or never.

The project was about writing a book blurb. A short book blurb of around 300 words. The project was about a thriller fiction novel. I finished reading the book in about three hours.

Then using my vocabulary and imagination, I summed up a 300 word article to for my client. The client credited $30 to my E-Lance account. After a 8.75% fee, I could see $27.4 ready for withdrawal in my account.

It was really great to see my first ever earnings online. You know, its a feeling. A feeling that can’t be expressed. I felt like I had found a ton of gold after digging for a couple of days.  It can’t be expressed in words.

The next day, I withdrew the money to my bank account via a wire transfer. Four days later, I saw the amount glittering in my account balance. I was an earning freelance copywriter now. The doubt was gone.

That was when a spark blazed. Writing turned from a passion to a career for me at that very moment.

The reason behind this was that it was the first time I realized that money can be made doing what you like.

I felt a feeling of freedom and self-dependency within me. I had figured out a way to live my dreams. Not everyone in this world can do that.


That day changed a lot in me. I never wanted to get a 9-5 job hearing to what others say. I never wanted to work for a second person to make a third person rich.

I never wanted it at all. At that very moment, I decided that I had figured out a nasty and invincible way to dodge the 9-5 barrier.

The very next year, It was the time for campus placements. Everybody was busy getting their CV’s ready for interviews. People were surfing job boards more than social media. The time had come!

I don’t know if this is something “legendary”, but instead of being a good student, I never applied for a job.

To be very precise, I never created my CV. I firmly held my decision of becoming a writer. That’s because I never had to tell people that  I was best at something they want.

I always did what I was best at, and that’s what people hire me for. Copy Writing.

It’s been three years now since I graduated, and five years since I first began copy writing.

I am a well paid freelance copywriter, with my own terms, own home office and a lot of time to spend on whatever I want.

What’s more important in life is to pursue what you like. Everybody in this world is unique with different capabilities. Nonetheless, if everyone would have been same, there would have been no borders or wars.

Being a freelance copywriter is a lucrative opportunity for sure, but one should mind their steps while pulling into it. Writing copy is a craft with much to be learned.

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