Finding a Content Writer for a New Website


Got a new website? Congratulations. It is plausible now, that you might need a content writer for your new website. After all, it is the most accurate and hassle free way to get optimized content for your new business/personal website.

There are a lot of good business writing services out there in the market and you can choose one according to your convenience. But, there are certain steps which should be kept in mind before hiring a content writer for your new website.

1 Does your niche need an expert web content copywriter?


This case arises when your website is related to technical or high-end professional copywriter for new websiteservices. Such as, engineering or tech related websites, law firm, accounting and finance website, or a robotics website.

These industries need specific content which is not common with people. That means, an experienced and somewhat techie kind of person should write the content for your new website.

You would never want people leaving your website because they couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. So you should always make sure that you hire an appropriate website content copywriter for your new website.


2. Does the copywriter have ample work experience?


This question carries a lot of importance in choosing a competent website content copywriter. That is because, you are an amateur as well. If you have never written content for a website, you can also give it a shot.

But, the difference here is that you are buying professional writing services for your website. You need your content to be top notch, and so you are hiring a professional.

A copywriter should have some experience in writing content for websites. So you can be sure that your project is in the right hands, and you can be sure of results.

A professional copywriter has a portfolio describing what he has done in the past. You can also consider a copywriter with writing experience in different fields such as blogs, articles etc. But to be precise, you should hire one with some website copy writing experience.


3. Will you consider your website as a business investment?


This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. Are you ready to take your website seriously?

This question is important to answer because if you don’t take your website as a serious venture, you are leaning towards failure.

A lot of website owners don’t make long term profits, or even profits from their website because they don’t take it seriously. They just think that they can hire a web developer, a copywriter, and some SEO expert once and build a fort that will last for centuries.

Remember, ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. And neither will your business.

No, that is not right. A website whether personal or business is just like a plant. You need to nurture it regularly, protect it and care about it. So, one day it may grow up to be a tree and you may enjoy the fruits then.

You are going to pay your copywriter a good amount for professional copy writing services. You should be serious in that regard. Hiring writers regularly for updating content on your website is necessary. You have to put in efforts to get the best out of your website.


4 Your budget expectations?


A lot of people who set up new websites think that hiring professional copywriters is exorbitant or expensive. So, what they do is, they scramble up some filthy content for their website and put it on. Waiting to have a miracle so sales come rolling in.

They keep waiting and waiting and after a couple of months, or six months, or nine months, they just quit.

Saying, “Oh… these websites are just a waste of time. Who says you can make money from a website?”

If they want to know who makes money from a website, they should just spell google, amazon, e-bay twice. If that seems big, they can visit a local store selling products online.

content writer for a new website

Many people who hire copywriters for the first time are somewhat skeptical about the prices. They think they can hire a cheap writer or write content for themselves, so they can save money.

That is not the right approach. They can save some money, but they will waste their time. Even the time that hasn’t passed by.

Let me give you an example. You pay $200 for a skateboard and $40,000 for a chevy sedan. A scratch on which of these will irritate you more?

Obviously, it will be the sedan. Your car. We care more for things we pay more.

If you are going to hire a professional copywriter, you will pay optimum professional prices, which is enough to make you look at it as a business.

Moreover, the prices can always be negotiated to an optimum level of agreement.


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