How website copy writing improves your business


Website copy writing is the art of creating and curating content for a website, which drives action.

An action may refer to an e-mail opt-in, a purchase, a simple click, or making you stand on your chair.

It depends upon, who is the copywriter, and what has been written.

If you’re reading this, there are 90% chances that you own a website. The rest 10% are that you are too lazy to build one.

website copy writing

Why did I say, Lazy?

That’s because you’ll need a copywriter, only if you have a website.

Now, the question is, what will a copywriter do for you?

You must be thinking – What’s in there for me, if I hire one, or hire you?

The answer is: a copywriter will fill the holes in your boat of business.

The holes which are leaking visitors, leaking sales.

And they keep your business at the risk of drowning.

What are these holes?

These holes are flaws in your current website copy. Do you know that a visitor decides to read or leave a webpage within 5 seconds.


If you are lucky with your theme and design, it may be 8 seconds for you.

Now, just think, what makes the difference.

What do you notice when you visit a new website or web page?

Let me help you.

You notice the attention grabbing headline. The large and primary content on a web page.

For some websites, users may get lured in with the headline. But they may lose interest after 15-20 seconds because you have shabby and futile content on your website.

According to a study, only 16% of your website visitors read your content in detail.

To increase that number, you need to have small, sharp and catchy content on your website.

Content that is short, easy to read and provides value to your user.

Now that’s what a professional copywriter is going to do for you. Website Copy writing

Most of the visitors to your website, will only notice the headlines, images and graphics. If you don’t have a clear call-to-action, they’ll abandon your website.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s assume that you walk in a supermarket. You find a number of products, in different shelves. You like some items, and want to buy them.

Now what would happen if you don’t see a cash counter, or any sales person in the store. You’ll be confused. Thinking what to do next. Where should I go.

Obviously, you will lose interest, and move out of the door.

Your website with carelessly written content is just like a shopkeeper who has a nice looking shop but is rude to you. It is obvious that you’ll walk away.

There are more than a billion websites in the world today. The competition is very very tough.

website content writer

Everybody has access to advanced tools to build a nice looking website.

What matters is the soul of your website- THE CONTENT.

Your average website visitor is just like the CEO of an investing firm who has only 10 seconds to hear what you say.

Better be sure that you make those 10 seconds count.

How do you make those seconds count?

The answer is: you hire a website copy writer.

Website copy writing would help you get the best content on your website. Content that is specifically designed keeping your business and intentions in mind.

A lot of you may think that website copy writing is just juggling out some words, which at least make some sense.

But that’s wrong.

It is a diligent process, which includes, analysis, creativity and implementing psychological triggers in the content.

As a matter of fact, the copy writing industry is worth billions in size. That means there are a lot of people spending money on getting the best copy for their business.

A professional copywriter would help you retain visitors on your business website, which are more likely turn into customers.

You can always hire a professional copywriter if you want to improve your business results.

For the skeptics out there, I would suggest you to try it at least once.

Best of Luck !



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